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There are few examples of people coming together to make their community better more successful than Sustainable Jersey.

In just a few short years, Sustainable Jersey has changed the way communities  — and now schools — work toward a more sustainable New Jersey.

This week, you’ll get an inside look at how as Sustainable Jersey takes over our Instagram account for the third #dodgetakeover, a new social campaign to introduce you to Dodge grantees and offer a glimpse into a week of their work in pictures and videos.

Sustainable Jersey is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization provides standards, training and financial incentives to communities that pursue sustainability programs. By acting collectively and mobilizing the strength of state agencies, non-profit organizations, experts, foundations and industry, Sustainable Jersey sets standards and researches best practices for what communities can do to contribute to a sustainable future.

More than 425 municipalities and 330 schools and school districts are enrolled in the program today, achieving individual actions that make a big impact.

“Our work is focused on the administration of a prestigious sustainability certification program for municipalities and schools/school districts,” said Donna Drewes, Sustainable Jersey Co-Director. “In addition, Sustainable Jersey builds capacity and leadership through a resiliency program, a regional hub network and energy and civic engagement expertise. Hundreds of millions of dollars in public and private resources have been leveraged in grants and technical assistance to support participants in the program.”

One of the first steps for communities take after passing a resolution to pursue Sustainable Jersey certification is setting up a Green Team.

Green Teams are instrumental in successful sustainability efforts.

Through #dodgetaekover, you’ll meet some of the hundreds of Sustainable Jersey Green Team members and get an inside look at a few of the projects they are working on to achieve certification.

Don’t miss a moment. Follow @dodgefoundation and @sustainable_jersey using #dodgetaekover all week.

We have more great New Jersey nonprofits lined up for #dodgetakeover events this summer. If you’re a grantee who wants to get in on the action, email me at


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