Poetry Friday: #NPM15 Round Up

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When National Poetry Month started, we shared with you how we place poems all around our office during the month (and sometimes other times of year, too.) This allows us to be Poetry Ambassadors, sharing new poems with others – and we’re sure some of them had initially thought, “Oh, I don’t care for poetry” or “I don’t have time to read poetry!” But when poetry is on the coffee machine while you’re waiting for a cup, or next to the bathroom sink while you’re washing your hands, or even on your computer monitor when you come in to work in the morning (yes, we did this), you make the time to read it and let it resonate. If you see it enough, you will read it. And if you hand-pick some good poems…well, what’s not to like?

So, as promised, here are the poems that were seen all around the office and digested over the course of April. Enjoy!

After Years – Ted Kooser
Aphorisms (excerpts) – James Richardson
Archaic Torso of Apollo – Rainer Maria Rilke
Asking the Way – Ko Un
Ballad of the Washed Hair – Yehuda Amichai
Chinese Foot Chart – Kay Ryan
Cow Worship – Gerald Stern
Kindness – Naomi Shihab Nye
Like You – Roque Dalton
Mysteries, Yes – Mary Oliver
One Heart – Li-Young Lee
our happiness – Eileen Myles
Untitled  –  Anna Everett Beek
When Giving Is All We Have – Alberto Ríos
Wild Geese – Mary Oliver (this link includes audio of Oliver reading this poem.)

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