A Healthy Diet of Poetry

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April is National Poetry Month, so it’s a great time to surprise people with poetry. Why not share some poems in unexpected places, like the grocery store? Or your own refrigerator to surprise your family? Choose some food poems, hide them somewhere fun for an unsuspecting shopper or grazer to enjoy. Wouldn’t you smile if you found a poem when you least expected it?

Here are some poems we like that talk about food in interesting ways. Please share in the comments any food poems you know or love!

A Short History of the Apple, Dorianne Laux
Artichoke, Richard Foerster
Blackberry Eating, Galway Kinnell
Blueberries, Robert Frost
Chocolate, Rita Dove
Egg, Aleš Šteger
Ode to Salt, Pablo Neruda (and read here by Philip Levine)
Ode to a Large Tuna in the Market, Pablo Neruda  (he has many more food poems, too many to list!)
Onions, William Matthews
An Orange in Mérida, Ben Belitt
Persimmons, Li-Young Lee
The Pomegranate, Eavan Boland
The Mysterious Human Heart, Matthew Dickman
The Traveling Onion, Naomi Shihab Nye

There are plenty more out there, we hope you will share your favorites with us!

For more food poems, you might check out Kevin Young’s collection, The Hungry Ear: Poems of Food & Drink!

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