Poetry Update: There’s An App For That.

Posted on by Rebecca Gambale, Program Associate, Poetry

For the first time, the Dodge Poetry Festival has its own mobile app for iPhones, Android, BlackBerry, Kindle Fire, iPad, and more. You can scan the QR code above right off of your computer screen, or get the app sent to your phone here. Easy to download and to use, this interactive tool for your smartphone will not only help you navigate your time at the Festival, but also help you to plan your schedule, accommodations, transportation and more, well in advance.

Here’s a list of what our app can do:

  • Complete day-by-day schedule of all events at the Dodge Poetry Festival, along with a description of each reading/event.
  • Create a personalized schedule. The schedule offers the “Add To My Schedule” option for each event, which will then include that event and location to your own personalized schedule within the app. You can also set timed reminders for each event, so you won’t miss anything you’ve bookmarked.
  • Sort by event type. Within the schedule, there are types of events separated into color-coded categories. This will allow you the option to see only Readings, Poets on Poetry, Conversations on Craft, etc.
  • Get to know the Festival Poets. The Festival Poet section will feature an alphabetical list of each poet performing at the Festival, and has a photo and biography, with the function of being able to bookmark each individual poet to your To-Do list (below).
  • Explore the Festival Venues. Within the Venue section, each location will be highlighted with a description, and featured on a Google Map for easy visiting.
  • See what Newark has to offer. There are many sections featuring local information and Festival specials: dining, hotels, transportation and local attractions, all with Google Map capability.
  • Navigate your way, step by step. The app will have Google Map capability, which connects to the smartphone’s  map capability which can give you detailed walking instructions. This will show you on GPS where exactly you are located in relation to the venues and other attractions located in Newark’s Downtown Arts District.
  • Make a To-Do list, to which you can bookmark any poets, restaurants, venues etc. that you would like to visit in their time in Newark.
  • Connect. There are links to all Social Media outlets for the Dodge Poetry Festival, as well as a user-generated Photo Gallery where users can upload and share photos with other Festivalgoers.

We hope that this Mobile App will help to make your Festival experience as easy and fun as possible!

Click here to get the App sent to your phone now!

Feel free to reach out to us at festival@grdodge.org if you have any questions or feedback. Visit us as dodgepoetry.org for more information!

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