Before I Die I Want To…

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We tweeted about this project earlier this week, but in case you didn’t see it, we wanted to share it here on our blog too.

Candy Chang is a public installation artist, designer, urban planner, and co-founder of Civic Center who says she “likes to make cities more comfortable for people.” She took the side of an abandoned house in her New Orleans neighborhood and turned it into a giant chalkboard with the prompt, “Before I die, I want to______” and left pieces of chalk for anyone who wanted to join the conversation.

Much like the Museum of Possibilities in Montreal, which we blogged about recently, here’s a project that takes an unused space and invites the public to consider and share their aspirations. It’s a public art project that invites civic engagement in a really positive, hopeful way.

Take a look:

Before I Die project by Candy Chang

Before I Die 2 project by Candy Chang

Before I Die project chalk by Candy Chang

Before I Die 4 project by Candy Chang

It’s inspiring isn’t it?

You can learn more about the project here and more about Candy Chang’s work here.

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Images: Candy Chang
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6 Responses to Before I Die I Want To…

  1. Love it! Thanks for sharing. I have my own bucket list, and have been successfully crossing things off. This year’s major accomplishment was to publish a book on fundraising. Check!

  2. Dodge says:

    Congratulations! Tell us what your book is – many of our grantees may be interested!

  3. 50 Asks in 50 Weeks: A Guide to Better Fundraising for Your Small Development Shop. Wendy Liscow in your office is already a fan, and has purchased several copies. Thanks!!!

  4. Dodge says:

    Of course! You’re right – we have shared this book with our grantees who have participated in our Technical Assistance workshops. Thank you, Amy!

  5. Aya says:

    Very nice idea and very needed. How often we don’t find the time to think about very simple things. And to it.
    Such things that making our live full – love, family, friends, travelings. They allways think that will be time for this later and now more important thing is career. But would be time later? Death doesn’t ask us unfortunately.

  6. Florencia says:

    This is such an inspiring project. Made me think about what I wanted to do. I´ve now made a bucket list of things I want to do before i die.

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