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TED Books launch

Are you a fan of TED talks? You might be excited by their news:

Today, TED announced the launch of TED Books. They are short works of nonfiction distributed digitally (for the Kindle and Kindle Reader apps for iPad and Android) which are meant to convey one powerful, interesting idea that’s easy enough to read in a single sitting. Essentially they are TED talks, in print format, for $2,99 each. (TED talk videos remain free of charge , available from their website.)

What do you think? A good idea or not?  Would you buy them?

And, do you have a favorite TED talk? If so, please share them in the comments section below – Dodge staff occasionally watch TED talks during our lunchtime, and we’re always looking for recommendations.

See also this interesting article in Fast Company magazine on TED and how it’s creating a “new Harvard” – we tweeted about awhile back, if you follow us on Twitter.

Image: TED

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2 Responses to New Idea: TED Books

  1. Jim Melfi says:

    Thanks for sharing the TED post about TED Books. I’m a great fan of TED and many TED-similar sites. My passion lead me to create which I’m sure your readers who like TED will enjoy. It was my first pleasure to research dozens of different talks/lectures sites, followed by my joy to share those findings in a website. I currently link to 57 talks and lectures sites and have found many great ones along the way. I update the site frequently and ask visitors to contribute similar sites that I haven’t linked. Please continue the good work of introducing your readers to TED! Jim Melfi, Founder,

  2. Cathy Kania says:

    One of my favorite TED talks that I have shared with many friends even though I only saw it myself for the first time yesterda is Thandie Newton’s talk “Embracing Otherness, Embracing Myself.” It was literally a talk with no visual elements so it would be ideal for publishing in TED Books. There was much food for thought in this talk and so beautifully expressed.

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