Poetry Fridays: Festival Poet Penny Harter

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Stacey Balkun, Festival Assistant

HarterPhotoMeasured and contemplative, Penny Harter’s poetry recognizes nature both in subject and in form.  The imagery within her poems ranges from mourning doves on a windowsill to abandoned gas stations lining the highways of New Jersey.   Harter’s poem “Driving Through the New Jersey Dusk” is a haibun—a form combining prose with haiku.  Harter uses an arrangement of prose and haiku to describe not only the scenery alongside a highway but also the psychology of driving, the voyage through one’s memories while traveling across the landscape.

In an interview on Blogging Along Tobacco Road, Harter says that the act of writing poetry “is, first and foremost, an act of seeing, followed by connecting,” as suggested by her calm and observant poetry.  The speaker in Harter’s poems often offers an image and then connects it to a universal truth, such as in “The Night Sky” from Harter’s book Lizard Light.

Harter has received several fellowships in poetry from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts, as well as a fellowship for teaching from the Dodge Foundation.  In addition to these fellowships, she has received the Mary Carolyn Davies Memorial Award from the Poetry Society of America and the William O. Douglas Nature Writing Award, among others. Her work has appeared in many magazines, including Contemporary American Voices and Umbrella.

Poems from Harter’s forthcoming book, Recycling Starlight, can be found in the Summer 2009 issue of Umbrella. To read her award-winning haiku, “Evening Rain,” please visit The Heron’s Nest.

Please use the “Share your thoughts with us” box below to share other resources you may have found for this poet. In this way, we can build together a mini-wiki-encyclopedia on the 2010 Festival Poets.

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5 Responses to Poetry Fridays: Festival Poet Penny Harter

  1. Ce Rosenow says:

    More poems from Recycling Starlight originally appeared in Fieralingue and can be found at http://www.fieralingue.it/corner.php?pa=printpage&pid=3312. Also, updates about Penny’s activities are posted regularly to her blog: http://penhart.wordpress.com/

  2. Penny Harter is also the author of:
    House By the Sea (From Here Press, 1975)The Orange Balloon (From Here Press, 1980) White Flowers in the Snow (New Rivers Press, 1981) Lovepoems (Old Plate Press, 1981) Hiking the Crevasse poems on the way to divorce (Warthog Press, 1983) Stages and Views (Katydid Books,1994) Grandmother’s Milk (Singular Speech Press, 1995)
    Buried in the Sky (La Alemeda Press, 2001) She is a past president of the Haiku Society of America and co-author of The Haiku Handbook, just out in a 25th anniversary edition from Kodasha Press. Her children’s book The Beastie Book An Alphabestiary (Shenanigan Books) came out to rave reviews in 2009.

  3. Alan Summers says:

    I’ve never met Penny in person, but I can tell from our email correspondence what an extraordinary person she is.

    You can find Penny’s webhome here: http://www.2hweb.net/penhart/

    As Terry Ann Carter mentions, the 25th Anniversary copy has just been published:

    all my very best,

    With Words

  4. Penny Harter was my English teacher. She encouraged creativity beyond the words, and beyond the obvious. She inspires my creative efforts.

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