Building a Sustainable New Jersey

Molly de Aguiar, Program Associate

If you’re interested in sustainability issues and community organizing in New Jersey,  Stoking the Sustainability Fire is an event you won’t want to miss.


On Friday, June 5th and Saturday, June 6th, a wide range of New Jersey non-profits and sustainability leaders are gathering at Rider University to learn about a sustainability issues that matter to New Jersey and to take steps toward developing a state-wide sustainability network.

The conference offers seven different learning tracks, with flexible schedule options:

Health, Social Justice and Social Equity
Personal Responsibility
Food and Farming
Healthy Living and Active Lifestyles
Livable Communities and Local Economies, and
Leadership for Sustainable Change

You can also learn about the Sustainable Jersey municipal certification program (which Dodge supports and which we have written about before on the blog here and here), develop your own network of  contacts in New Jersey, and enjoy good local food and wine.

Learn more about the event on their website and you can register here. Scholarships are available and payment is due by May 28th.

And whether you can attend the event or not, get plugged in to the sustainability network in New Jersey with the New Jersey Sustainability Coalition blog.

One Response to Building a Sustainable New Jersey

  1. art dickson says:

    i might be interested if the event can help me to prepare/present and maybeactivate a program in port norris (and local communities) programs that might help unemployed, uneducated, frustrated, individuals who have no transport available to them or facilities or activities that might help them. I am convinced that public transport that will help individuals to get to a job (wether it is local or atlantic city or wherever )

    many individuals seem to be caught in a dilema caused by child support. they have no work and go to jail when child support fails. What type of aid can be given them ( finiding work, budgeting money to help them pay support… what of the children.. the local schools are not preparing them for the futures they face. the staffs perform what they are trained for but it isn’t making necessary changes.

    i am a retired teacher (taught aboriginals in australia, schools in the middle east (bahrain) philadelphia, wilmington and other cities in the us.

    if you have any suggestions please let me know…

    sincrely yours, art dickson

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