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The folks at re-nest are offering their handy top ten ideas for recycling old sheets and towels. And don’t miss the five best non-toxic cleaners you probably already have in your home, starting with two great ways to clean up red wine spills.

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  1. Susan Pilshaw says:

    Another use for large and medium pieces of fabric, old sheets, and tablecloths (not plastic) is to donate them to a local Quilting group that is making quilts for emergency purposes. Lutheran World Relief (see their website) sends quilts (about 6-8 feet square) overseas and locally for emergency use. This size quilt can be: a covering on the floor or ground, part of a tent for shelter, warmth, a room divider, etc. etc. The quilters at Grace Lutheran Church in Mendham meet weekly and make quilts using as FEW pieces of fabric as possible. Attractive quilts with only 3-6 pieces on the top are donated to any in need anywhere in the world and the U.S. through LWR. The local quilters in Mendham need: fabric, queen sized sheets and other sized sheets for backing, and one or two more portable sewing machines. If you have something to donate please contact Susan Pilshaw at e-mail above. Thank you.

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